Parties may unite to take on ANC

Smaller parties want to form a stronger opposition going into the 2014 general elections.

Cope leader Mosiuoa Lekota. Picture: Sapa.

JOHANNESBURG - Independent political analyst Aubrey Matshiqi on Monday cast doubt over the impact of the possible coalition between three political parties ahead of the 2014 elections.

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) Agang and the Congress of the People (Cope) are holding talks over a possible alliance.

UDM leader Bantu Holomisa confirmed he was holding talks with the two parties.

This is not the first attempt to get opposition parties to work together. Recent talks between Agang and the Democratic Alliance (DA) collapsed just months ago.

Agang was launched at Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg in February.

Matshiqi told 702's Redi Tlhabi Show he was a bit sceptical about the latest developments.

"A collection of lightweights does not deliver a heavyweight, but if take a different angle, these talks and if they do deliver some kind of alliance or coalition arrangement are directed at both the ANC and the DA.

We must remember that South Africa is afflicted with the single party dominance of the ANC as the ruling party and it is dominant at the centre and the single party dominance of the DA in the opposition stage."

Matshiqi said the parties were hoping to benefit from the ANC's internal squabbles.

"The strategy as I see it is based on the fact that so many who are supporting the ANC are expressing all sorts of unhappiness about the ANC and that the ANC's image has suffered so badly over the years if you look at issues such as internal wrangling and corruption.

There is a view among certain opposition parties that we are going to see some kind of a swing away from the ANC. To prevent the swing from benefitting the DA, such coalitions will be formed so that it is those who form such coalitions who benefit and not the DA."

Campaigning has already started as South Africa prepares for the 2014 elections.

Meanwhile, the newly formed Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) hopes to cause an upset in the elections.

The "revolutionary movement" plans to expropriate land without compensation.

However, the ANC remains confident that it will come out victorious.