N2 protest linked to 'poo wars'

Traffic officials believe the N2 protest is linked to the ongoing WC faeces war.

Traffic authorities believe a protest on the N2 is linked to the ongoing faeces war in the Western Cape.

CAPE TOWN - Western Cape traffic authorities believe Sunday night's protests on the N2 near Khayelitsha may be linked to the ongoing toilet wars.

Protesters burnt tyres, which forced officials to close off a section of the highway.

Demonstrators have on several occasions disrupted traffic on the N2 with residents flinging human waste at passing cars.

Provincial Traffic Chief Kenny Africa said, "It seems this is linked to the faeces flinging on the N2. Luckily we could be there very quickly and get the situation under control."

Over the past few months there have been several incidents where raw sewage has been dumped across the city as part of demonstrations for better sanitation services in informal settlements.

Last week, a group of people dumped faeces in front of the Western Cape Legislature, while a handful of people flung sewage in Khayelitsha during a Democratic Alliance (DA) constituency service day.

The N2 near the R300 was closed on Wednesday last week after demonstrators dumped human waste on the road.

On the same day, the City of Cape Town said 82 percent of informal settlements didn't have full flush toilets and that it was physically and legally unable to provide the sanitation facilities.

But residents are adamant they will continue to dump human waste until their demands for better sanitation services are met.