Assassination plot under investigation

A man claims that Dina Pule is behind a plot to assassinate two of parliament's Ethics Committee members.

Former communications minister Dina Pule.

JOHANNESBURG - Disgraced former minister of communications Dina Pule has now been linked to an assassination plot on two members of parliament's Ethics Committee.

Dina Pule was found guilty of misconduct and lying under oath by parliament's Ethics Committee.

She was hauled before the committee after it emerged her boyfriend pocketed millions from an ICT indaba hosted by her department.

According to the Sunday Times, the man claims he was hired by Pule's boyfriend, Phosane Mngqibisa, to arrange the murders of parliamentary Ethics Committee Chairman Ben Turok and the Registrar of Member's Interests, Fazela Mohamed.

The man says Mngqibisa approached him and called a hit of Turok so that he couldn't attend the final sitdown of the Ethics Committee and give the accused more time to come up with a solution for their problems.

He also claims Mngqibisa offered him R400, 000 to falsify documents to counter all claims against him and Pule.

He says he has sms's, emails and recordings to prove his claims.

It's believed a top-level police investigation into these claims is now underway.

Last week the committee's report said the panel was told parliament's head of security had received information of a threat to harm Turok and Mahomed and to disrupt proceedings.

The report says the threats were reported to the authorities and that appropriate measures were taken to safeguard the work of the panel and the staff assisting it.