Zille condemns latest CT poo flinging incident

A group of people threw faeces during the DA’s constituency service day in Khayelitsha.

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille. Picture: Catherin Rice/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A group of people threw human waste in Khayelitsha during the Democratic Alliance (DA) constituency service day in Site C on Tuesday.

Western Cape Premier Helen Zille says their belongings, including printers, gazebos and documents were damaged in the process.

She described the incident as a disgrace and said it was time the so-called poo protests came to an end.

"The faeces flingers that the ANC Youth League interim chair last night said were indeed ANC Youth League members were out in force to disrupt the DA's Site C Khayelitsha branch when they were holding a constituency day."

In another incident, four men allegedly dumped human waste on the steps of the Western Cape legislature on Monday.

Khayelitsha community members have been using faeces as a form of protest in recent months.

The residents are demanding basic sanitation. Several communities still use the bucket system while others have started using the portable toilets.

However some residents say they do not want the portable toilets. They say they are demeaning. The police are investigating the incident.

The community has vowed to continue protesting for better services until their demands are met.

Last week, over 180 suspects appeared in court after they were arrested in possession of human waste at the Cape Town Train Station.

The group was on its way to the provincial legislature where they were planning to dump the human waste.

They will return to court in October.


Meanwhile, the ANC has distanced itself from the so-called poo flingers. The party has threatened to deal with any of its members who are implicated in the so-called poo wars.

The ANC's Phillip Dexter condemned the protests.

"If any of them are ANC members they are acting in their own capacity, they are not mandated and they don't represent the organisation in any way."