UJ kidnap suspect also a student

The 18-year-old allegedly hijacked and kidnapped a 23-year-old UJ student last week.

University of Johannesburg's APK campus in Auckland Park. Picture: University of Johannesburg"

JOHANNESBURG - Police have confirmed that the suspect who allegedly kidnapped and hijacked a student from the University of Johannesburg on Thursday is also a student at the institution.

The 23-year-old victim told Eyewitness News last week that she was tied up and forced into the boot of her own car on campus by an armed man who drove out and drew cash from her bank accounts.

Police say the 18-year-old man is a first year student. He was expected to appear in court today.

CCTV footage shows a man covering his face and leaving the Kingsway Campus through the entrance when the boom was still up after another car entered the premises.

The woman, who doesn't want to be named, said she was shocked the man managed to leave the university in her car.

"There were cameras at the boom but my windows were tinted, he opened the window slightly to swipe the card. The card wasn't working and he tried to explain to security why. Security took the card, saw a female photo and went to report it.

As security left, he reversed the car and when another car entered the campus and the boom was still up, he drove through.

When I spoke to security they said the card was collected from the boom and taken to the control room but nothing was done.

All my details and my parents' numbers were there and if they had needed to call someone it was all there."

The woman said her kidnapper was well prepared and knew what he was doing.

"I was so scared, I grabbed the barrel of the gun and pointed it towards the windshield and told him I'm not going with him anywhere so he should take the car and leave me alone."

Her car was recovered later that day and the suspect arrested after he dropped her off near Eldorado Park.

The university has launched its own internal investigation.