Families attacked by Zanu-PF

Zim locked in downward spiral amidst attacks, indigenisation and plummeting stocks.

Zanu-PF supporters.

HARARE - The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in Zimbabwe claims that 42 families have been attacked by Zanu-PF supporters and have taken refuge in Harare.

MDC spokesman Douglas Mwonzora has told the DPA news agency by telephone from Harare that the families were attacked by Zanu-PF supporters and evicted from their flats.

He says further retribution measures have been planned against MDC members, especially polling agents.

Mugabe was declared the winner in the polls at the weekend, securing 61 percent of ballots cast and swept up more than two-thirds of seats in parliament, with main challenger Morgan Tsvangirai getting just 33 percent.

Mugabe promises to intensify indigenisation and take over foreign-owned banks. Economists say they there is deep concern the results may compromise Zimbabwe's economic recovery.


Mugabe's election win has sent shockwaves through the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

The top index fell by 11 percent today on the first day of trading after election results announced on Saturday revealed a landslide win for Mugabe's Zanu-PF.

Agencies say several foreign-owned stocks registered steep losses today, including South African-based clothing chain, Edgars.

British-owned Barclays' listing was already down 15 percent on Friday. The drop appears to have been arrested today.

Meanwhile, Zimbabweans living in South Africa say they will not be heading back to their country any time soon.

Many of them were too scared to go on record, citing fear of victimisation.

A man explained why Zimbabwean nationals at the Refugee Reception Centre in Cape Town are keeping mum about the situation in their home country.

"Zimbabweans can send their private people, CIO central investigation people and they might think you are one of them."