Manenberg shooter arrested

A man has been arrested in connection with a shooting in Manenberg’s Sonderend Road area.

A man has been arrested in connection with a shooting in Manenberg’s Sonderend Road area. Picture: Stock.xchng

CAPE TOWN - Western Cape Police at the weekend arrested a 30 -year-old man who has been linked to a shooting in Manenberg.

Officials said the incident took place after 7am on Saturday morning when police were shot at in the Sonderend Road and Thames Walk area.

Western Cape police's Thembinkosi Kinana said, "Suspects shot at the police. Two police officers who were in a car shot back in in self-defence, they escaped unharmed."

Kinana said a case of attempted murder and malicious damage to property is being investigated.

"The South African Police Service (SAPS) will not allow people to live under constant fear and intimidation from criminals. An attack on police officers amounts to an attack on the citizens of this country, who must receive protection from the police."

Meanwhile, the City of Cape Town said 24 people were arrested during various drug busts in Manenberg this week.

Eighteen people were arrested for dealing in drugs and the possession of firearms, in Sabie Walk and Athburg Walk during patrols by officers.

Six people were also taken into custody after they were caught with Tik Mandrax, Heroin, Dagga and an illegal firearm on Thursday.

Metro police's Yolanda Faro said, "The officers were responding to a shooting incident when they received information at the scene about illegal dealings in narcotics at a nearby location. Officers then gained entry to the premises and immediately noticed the occupants attempt to hide the narcotics."


Manenberg residents staged a march against gang violence in the area on Saturday.

One resident, Amelia Kiewiets said they have had enough.

"In most cases the community gives in to the shootings and as a person in this community I say we must turn it around. We must be able to say we're not afraid."

Residents carried white flags symbolising peace during the march.


Dial-a-drug is a new way of buying drugs and not getting caught in the Western Cape.

Police have identified popular drop off points where deals take place.

Kinana said drug users simply phone the dealer, who then drops off the illegal substances.

He said it's difficult to spot the dealers as they drive with passengers in their cars.

"They constantly change their routes to avoid being identified by the police. We're encouraging residents to wake up to this and give information so that the movements of these drug dealers can be cut short."