Swazi government - SA 'immature'

The International Relations Department will pursue the matter through diplomatic channels.

Swaziland Flag

JOHANNESBURG - The Department of International Relations says government has noted comments by Swaziland that South Africa is an immature state with ignorant members of parliament.

The International Relations ministry says it has noted the comments and will take up the matter through diplomatic channels.

On Wednesday, Percy Simelane, the Swaziland government's spokesman said just because South Africa was better than Swaziland in football, it didn't mean it could now dictate how his country should be run.

He also said South Africans had made a mistake during the last election.

Simelane was reacting to a South African parliamentary debate about Swaziland in May, where Members of Parliament (MPs) raised concerns over the state of democracy in Swaziland due to King Mswati III's absolute authority.

The debate also questioned the banning of political parties opposed to the King's rule.

Simelane said political parties weren't banned in his country and that MPs should not have used the monarch's name during a parliamentary debate.