The courtesy vote is gone - Thembekwayo

A renowned SA speaker has challenged young people to start thinking globally.

Renowned public speaker Vusi Thembekwayo. Picture: Facebook

CAPE TOWN - South Africans accept mediocrity, says renowned public speaker Vusi Thembekwayo.

Thembekwayo told the Redi Thlabi Show that the youth are not doing enough to take ownership of their future.

He said South Africans have accepted that which was the destiny of their parents, as only as far as they can go too.

"I think it's a South Africanism. I think we penned it to our presence. We are far too cowering in our demeanour. We accept mediocrity and that is not only in terms of our drive but also in terms of how we conduct ourselves in the political landscape.

"I have this conversation with friends all the time. My view is simply this, the courtesy vote is gone. The guilt vote is gone. You don't get my vote because of what you've done in the past. For me it's about where we are going in the future."

He called on young people to dream big.

"I think it's important for us as young people to begin to give ourselves an international perspective. To begin to look at what's happening at other parts of the world and to question the possibility of what can be done."

According to a recent study by Pondering Panda, one in four young people have indicated that they will not vote in the 2014 general elections.

However, analysts are not surprised that the youth is despondent ahead of the elections.

Opposition parties have questioned President Jacob Zuma's leadership style in recent months, describing the Presidency as "dithering" and "corrupt".

However, the ANC has hit back at the critics saying Zuma is capable of leading the country despite numerous scandals and his failure to appoint a Special Investigating Unit (SIU) head in 18 months.