Fan attacks WWE superstar

Randy Orton escaped without any injuries after being attacked in Cape Town.

WWE superstar Randy Orton. Picture: Facebook

CAPE TOWN - Security measures have been stepped up at the Grand West Casino ahead of the second World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) show on Wednesday night.

A fan was arrested after he jumped over the barrier and hit a WWE wrestler, during Tuesday night's show at the grand arena. Security immediately jumped in and escorted the man out of the arena.

The crowd of people was up on their feet when WWE superstar Randy Orton faced Big E Langston.

Wrestling fans roared as the match was concluded with Orton hitting Langston with his signature RKO move.

But an unknown man cast a shadow on the festivities when he rushed into the ring, hitting The Viper between the legs.

The show continued with ring performances by Sheamus, Rob van Damme and Dolph Ziggler which quickly made the previous incident seem like something of the past.

WWE is in South Africa from 30 July to 3 August as part of their world tour.

They will be in Durban on 1 August and move to Johannesburg on Saturday and Sunday.