Tsvangirai worried about vote rigging

The MDC plans to announce the election results even though this is against the law.

Zimbabwe's Prime Minister and leader of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Morgan Tsvangirai. Picture: AFP

HARARE - Movement for Democratic Alliance (MDC) leader Morgan Tsvangirai says he will try to minimise the chances of Wednesday's election being rigged by announcing the results immediately after they are posted at polling stations.

President Robert Mugabe has however warned he will have his opponent arrested if he does this because the law requires the country's electoral commission to first publish the results.

Parties all over Africa have been reducing the chances of electoral fraud by photographing result sheets as they are displayed at polling stations and sending these to a central point.

Tsvangirai's supporters did this in 2008, reducing the chances of the election being stolen as it was in 2002.

This time Tsvangirai says he plans to go further by making a public statement at a hotel in the capital.

Mugabe says Tsvangirai is trying to create a diversion to get results unfavourable to the opposition annulled and he will not stand for any lawbreaking by the MDC leader.

On Sunday, Zimbabwe's elections chief announced that some results for the upcoming elections could be announced as early as two hours after the close of polling.

In the last polls in 2008 the final results were delayed for five weeks.

Rita Makarau says results from some polling stations could be announced as early as 9pm on Wednesday.

She says those are likely to be for councillors, while results for parliamentary seats will start to be announced a day later.