Police puzzled by Athlone attacks

Questions remain unanswered following two blasts in Cape Town.

The owner of Velocity Cars in Athlone where an explosive device went off on the night of 24 July 2013. Rahima Essop/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Police say there is no indication at this stage that the businessmen targeted during twin blasts in two Cape Town suburbs this week have criminal links.

Co-incidentally the blasts occurred on the same night that People Against Gangsterism and Drugs (Pagad) held a demonstration against drugs in the area.

A car dealership in Athlone and a house in nearby Surrey Estate were targeted on Wednesday night, two similar attacks were also reported in the last two weeks.

The properties targeted on Wednesday night belong to the owner of a well-known car dealership and another businessman.

Western Cape Deputy Police Commissioner Peter Jacobs says it is not clear why they were targeted.

"The victims are business people and there's no evidence to suggest they are linked to any criminal activity. Why would anybody do that?"

The blasts are suspiciously similar to the urban terror attacks in Cape Town in the 90s which were associated with Pagad.

But Jacobs says it is too early to link them.

"At this point all options are on the table."

Pagad has denied any involvement in the recent attacks.

The Hawks have been asked to investigate.