Krejcir: My life is like a James Bond movie

Radovan Krejcir says the rounds missed him by about a metre, adding that he's a “lucky man”.

A close-up of the VW Cross Polo with guns installed behind its number plate used in the attempted hit on Radovan Krejcir on 24 July 2013. Picture: Christa van der Walt/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Just hours after surviving an assassination attempt, Czech businessman Radovan Krejcir has told Eyewitness News his life is like a James Bond movie.

The hit was carried out using a parked red Volkswagen Cross Polo with twelve gun barrels hidden behind its rear number plate.

The alleged assassination took place in Bedfordview on Gauteng's East Rand on Wednesday.

The car burst into flames shortly after spraying around two dozen bullets.

Krejcir says the rounds missed him by about a metre, adding that he's a "lucky man".

He says at first he thought firecrackers were going off before seeing the side of his Mercedes-Benz riddled with bullets.

Krejcir said the empty car was parked in exactly the right spot to take aim at him.

"Somebody had a remote control and when he saw me somewhere from a close distance and I was walking out, he just pressed the remote control and the bullets went out."

However, Krejcir says he is not surprised by the attack.

"All my life is like James Bond stuff. This is how I live my life."

The controversial businessman says he doesn't know who would want to kill him.

"Even if I had some idea, I'm not going to tell you."

Police sources have confirmed the details of the attempted hit.

Officials also confirmed the Polo was stolen in April.

It is understood the shooting is related to a turf war within Johannesburg's criminal underworld.

The Czech national has been linked to number of unsolved murders, including that of Cape Town crime boss Cyril Beeka and German businessman Uwe Gemballa.

Krejcir is also fighting an attempt to extradite him to the Czech Republic.

He was charged in absentia of conspiracy to murder, counterfeiting, tax evasion, extortion and abduction.