Drugs blamed for Harties murder

A teenager stabbed his father to death and seriously injured his 8-year-old sister last Friday.

A teenage boy stabbed his father to death and seriously injured his eight-year-old sister on Friday 19 July. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - A woman who knows the family of the Hartbeespoort teenager accused of stabbing his father to death and seriously wounding his eight-year-old sister over the weekend, says she believes drugs are to blame for the incident.

It's understood an argument between the 17-year-old and his father ensued on Friday after the teen arrived home late.

Authorities said the boy stabbed his father in the back and chest.

He then stabbed his little sister in her throat and waist after she tried to intervene.

The boy's father died on the scene.

Glen French, the woman who employed the boy's father, says she believes the boy was on drugs because he had been behaving strangely.

She said it's terrible that his sister Lebo was hurt in the process.

"The saddest part of all is he stabbed little Lebo who is a very bright little girl. She was doing exceptionally well in class. She is battling now because she is paralysed on one side."