Ajax boss looking for stability

Ari Efstathiou looks to reverse Ajax Cape Town’s fortunes.

Ari Efstathiou looks to reverse Ajax Cape Town’s fortunes.

CAPE TOWN - Ajax Cape Town boss Ari Efstathiou has made it clear that getting the club stable is the first order of business.

The Efstathiou Brothers are now 49 percent shareholders in Ajax after the Comitis brothers decided to sell their shares and parted ways with the club.

Muhsin Ertuğral was also officially appointed as head coach with the full backing of their sister club Ajax Amsterdam.

Efstathiou says it's all about moving forward.

"We're just looking to stabilise everything and the first thing we did was to bring Muhsin Ertuğral in and confirm his appointment and get Amsterdam's full support behind it; which they have given.

"We've inherited a very unstable structure so our focus is to clean up and clean up quickly. We've had a challenge because we've had two really bad seasons. I don't think any one of us wants to have a repeat of last year."

While things haven't always been going according to plan on the field, Efstathiou says the club's behind the scenes operations have been functioning well.

"It's also important to know that we're not going to make major changes at the club because the club is successful in the way it operates.

"There will be no major structural changes. We've met with our staff and we've met with our players; nobody's leaving and everyone is staying."