2 die in seperate fires

Seperate fires in Ekurhuleni have left two people dead.

Johannesburg informal settlement ravaged by fire.

JOHANNESBURG - Separate fires in Ekurhuleni have left two people dead and one person injured in the latest series of fires that have mostly affected shacks.

In the early hours of this morning a house fire in Germiston claimed the life of an elderly disabled woman.

According to Emergency Management Services's (EMS)'s William Ntladi, a male occupant aged 50, was hospitalised for smoke inhalation and burns on both of this arms.

The third victim who has not yet been identified was killed in a seperate fire in Thokoza. Police are trying to get further details.

Last week, a family of three died in their shack in Willarsfarm from smoke inhalation after leaving their brazier burning.

EMS's Robert Mulaudzi said that people who use braziers to cook and heat their homes must not leave them unattended.

"We encourage people to look after their eating and lighting appliances like paraffin stoves, candles and electrical heaters."

Mulaudzi said although Johannesburg EMS was not pleased with the number of people who died this winter, the number of deaths has greatly decreased.

At least 11 people have so far died in shack fires in informal settlements in comparison with 103 deaths for last year's winter period.