Teen arrested for kidnapping

Two-month-old Jashmea Albertus was kidnapped in Wellington & found in Goodhill.

 Two-month-old Jashmea Albertus from Wellington was kidnapped on the night of 17 July 2013. Picture: SAPS

CAPE TOWN - A 17-year-old girl faces kidnapping charges after she was arrested for allegedly taking a two month old baby.

The teenager, a friend of the child's mother, was found with the baby yesterday.

Two-month-old Jashmea Albertus was kidnapped in the Boland town of Wellington on Wednesday night.

The girl, known as Bronwin disappeared with the child when she was meant to take the baby to a relative.

The police's Andre Traut said two-month-old Jashmea Albertus was found in Goodhill.

The suspect and child were both found in the Wellington area. The baby has since been reunited with her mother.

Circumstances surrounding the case are still being investigated.