'Madiba watching TV'

Mandela's daughter Zindzi told Sky News her father is making remarkable progress.

Nelson Mandela. Picture: Sapa.

JOHANNESBURG - The Presidency has confirmed that former President Nelson Mandela's health is improving.

The positive news comes as the entire world prepares to celebrate the global icon's 95th birthday and World Mandela Day.

Madiba has been treated at the Mediclinic Heart Hospital in Pretoria for a recurring lung infection for the past five weeks.

Presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj said, "Madiba remains in hospital but doctors have confirmed that his health is steadily improving."


The statesman's family appear optimistic that he will return home soon.

Mandela's granddaughter Ndileka says her grandfather's fighting spirit knows no bounds.

"I'm a nurse by background and to see what he's been through from the time he was admitted until now is quite phenomenal. He is a fighter of no measure. I cannot even describe how his fighting spirit knows no bounds."

She said, "I saw him yesterday and he was doing well. He has improved. We expect to see him home quite soon."

Mandela's daughter Zindzi said her father is making "remarkable progress".

In an exclusive interview with Britain's Sky News, Zindzi said her father is communicating with his eyes and his hand.

She said he was watching television with headphones on when she visited him this week.

Zindzi said her father smiled and raised his hand when he saw her.

"You can see he is there in his eyes, the same energy and strength."

She also said she hopes he will be discharged "soon".


It's understood Madiba's relatives will visit him in hospital to celebrate his birthday.

A hive of activity has returned to the hospital where Madiba is being treated where hundreds of South Africans are expected to come pay tribute to him.