'Kotze's actions were gruesome & merciless'

Johan Kotze's former best friend says he has no grace for the 'Modimolle Monster'.

The man dubbed the 'Modimolle Monster', Johan Kotze, moments before he received a life sentence in the North-Gauteng High Court on 17 July 2013 for organising the gang-rape of his ex-wife Ina Bonnette and killing her son. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN

PRETORIA - Johan Kotze's former best friend Dirk van der Merwe says the 'Modimolle Monster' is lucky he only received two life sentences as he actually deserved an even harsher sentence.

"Johan was lucky. He could've gotten another life sentence."

Van der Merwe says he has no grace for Kotze after orchestrating his estranged wife Ina Bonnette's gang-rape.

On Wednesday, Judge Bert Bam sentenced Kotze to life behind bars for orchestrating the gang-rape of Bonnette.

He was also sentenced to life for murdering Bonnette's son, Conrad.

Kotze was also given 25 years for kidnapping and assault.

His three co-accused, Andries Sithole, Sello Phaka and Pieta Mohlake, will also spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

Bam said he couldn't find a reason to give Kotze anything less than life in prison.

Van der Merwe says Kotze's estranged wife Ina Bonnette is still on the road to recovery.

He says she has isolated herself from the rest of Modimolle community.

He also says Bonnette, who was a very spontaneous person, has become an introvert since the attack.

Earlier this week, Van der Merwe said Kotze had messed up his life.

"He buggered up my life and my wife's [life] for a year, and my marriage a little bit. It's coming right now."

Bonnette's friends have vowed to help her process the entire ordeal until she can truly forgive her estranged husband.


The Minister of Women, Children and People with Disabilities Lulu Xingwana Kotze is a monster and is exactly where he should be, behind bars.

Xingwana says she hopes Bonnette will now be able to close this humiliating chapter in her life.

"Kotze will serve his two life sentences in prison and we hope he'll be rehabilitated. We also hope the sentence will bring closure and peace to Bonnette and her family."

Xingwana added they will be supporting Bonnette in prayer while she continues her road to recovery.

"We believe this monster must rot in jail and doesn't belong in our society."


Judge Bam on Wednesday described Bonnette's gang-rape as gruesome, shocking and merciless.

He says it is the most humiliating crime that a woman can experience.

"Rape is the most humiliating crime a woman could experience, if she survives. Bonnette was helpless, the men showed no mercy."

The judge said he couldn't think of a more shocking or traumatic experience.

"What they did was gruesome. Kotze deserves a harsher sentence than his co-accused."

He said the state's victim impact report contributed substantially to his final decision.

As Bam ordered the four men to stand in the dock as he read out his verdict, Bonnette struggled to hold back tears.

She told media she was overwhelmed by the judge's decision.

Bonnette also said the pain would never go away.