A 'Monster' restrained

Johan Kotze and his three co-accused will face sentencing on Wednesday.

Ina Bonnette's attackers, Johan Kotze and three of his co-accused were found guilty of raping and mutilating her in the North Gauteng High Court.Picture: Sebabatso Mosamo/EWN

PRETORIA -The man dubbed the 'Modimolle Monster' and his three co-accused will know by the end of Wednesday if they will spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

Johan Kotze has already been found guilty of orchestrating his estranged wife, Ina Bonnette's gang-rape and murdering her son Conrad.

His co-accused, Andries Sithole, Sello Phaka and Pieta Mohlake were also convicted on various charges.

But Sithole was the only co-accused found guilty of murdering Bonnette's son.

The gruelling 18-month trial has made international headlines and has placed Bonnette face- to-face with Kotze.

Judge Bert Bam has heard assertions by the prosecution that Kotze showed no remorse and should remain behind bars for life.

However, Kotze's lawyer Piet Greyling, wants the judge to consider the fact that he was not aware of his actions due to his narcissistic personality disorder.

On Tuesday, Greyling asked Judge Bam to be lenient and requested he sentence Kotze to a maximum of 15 years behind bars.

Greyling said his client has lost everything and has already been punished for his actions.

He argued that Kotze felt severely rejected when he saw Bonnette with another man and wanted to commit suicide.

Greyling said Kotze was angry at his estranged wife at the time and took it out on her son.

He also asserted that Kotze cooperated with authorities and handed himself over to the police.

However it's been reported he was on the run for more than a week before being captured.

The ANC Women's League is expected to attend the proceedings and says Kotze and his accomplices should rot in jail.