Taxi violence charges withdrawn

Shots were fired and four people assaulted during the violence in the Pretoria CBD.

FILE: Taxi violence broke out in the Pretoria CBD on 12 July 2013. Four people were assaulted and several shots were fired during a dispute between associations over taxi routes. Picture: via Twitter @_MotsoB

PRETORIA - Charges of inciting taxi violence against 10 people have been withdrawn in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court.

The people were arrested following a shootout in the CBD on Friday where four people were assaulted and several shots fired during a fight between the Tembisa, Midrand and Simunye taxi associations.

They were allegedly fighting over routes.

Tshwane police's Isaac Mahamba confirmed the case has been withdrawn.

"I can confirm the case was withdrawn due to a lack of evidence. The docket still remains open and investigating officers can get evidence at a later stage then the case might be re-opened.

Tshwane Metro Police met with the associations involved on Monday.

Mahamba said authorities wanted to ascertain who was responsible for the respective routes.

He stressed commuter safety is of the utmost importance.