Mitchell's Plain lambasts police

Many residents say police have not been attending to their cases and emergency calls.

Blue police lights. Picture:

CAPE TOWN - Western Cape police management has admitted to an administrative bungle with regard to police to population ratio figures.

Provincial community safety MEC Dan Plato this week released statistics revealing some crime-stricken areas in Cape Town where it emerged there's an apparent dire shortage of police officers.

The MEC claims in Mitchell's Plain there is just one SAPS member to help more than 3,000 residents.

But police commissioner Arno Lamoer has disputed some of the stats adding that the figures were never meant to be released publicly.

"The problem is that the document sent to the MEC office was the document for discussion. The figures worked out are not correct and that's the one thing I take responsibility for."

Meanwhile, some Mitchell's Plain residents say policing can be drastically improved in the area.

Residents claim officers did not respond to her domestic abuse complaint several months ago.

"My brother was assaulting my mother and me. He was in front of us with a knife. We called the police, but they didn't respond and this is something that happened three months ago."

Another resident said police were not doing anything to fight crime in the area. He said he has many cases that went unsolved.

"I have called these people many times, but up until now I had to solve my own problems, for me the police of Mitchells' Plain are doing nothing."