Modimolle judgment due on Monday

The judge in the ‘Modimolle Monster’ trial will have the weekend to consider conflicting evidence.

FILE: Johan Kotze appears in the North Gauteng High Court on 20 November 2012. He's accused of orchestrating the gang-rape of his estranged wife and killing his stepson. Picture: Werner Beukes/SAPA."

PRETORIA - The judge presiding over the so-called Modimolle Monster trial will have the weekend to consider conflicting evidence in the case.

The North Gauteng High Court on Friday heard various versions of what happened on the day Kotze allegedly instructed three men to gang-rape his estranged wife Ina Bonnette in January 2012.

Kotze also stands accused of murdering Bonnette's son, Conrad.

The judge is expected to hand down judgment on Monday.

At the heart of Kotze's closing argument was the assertion that he was not fully aware of what he was doing due to his mental state on the day of the attack.

His lawyer, Piet Greyling, also devoted a large amount of time convincing the court that Bonnette could not be trusted.

Greyling labelled her an "unreliable witness", claiming she lied to both the court and her ex-husband, Rex, about the assault.

He said Bonnette also lied about witnessing Kotze threatening his three co-accused with a firearm.

But Judge Bert Bam questioned those statements, saying it would be quite bizarre to think Bonnette would have lied to her ex-husband about seeing a firearm.

Bonnette was not in court on Friday.

Kotze's family sat in the front row of the public gallery taking notes.