Defence: Kotze was temporarily insane

Johan Kotze's lawyer Piet Greyling wants his client to be acquitted.

Johan Kotze, the man dubbed the 'Modimolle Monster'. Picture: EWN

PRETORIA - Johan Kotze's lawyer Piet Greyling told the North Gauteng High Court on Thursday that his client was temporarily insane when he attacked his former wife Ina Bonnette and her son Conrad, and must therefore be acquitted.

The man dubbed the 'Modimolle Monster' is accused of torturing and mutilating Bonnette and orchestrating her gang-rape.

Kotze also stands accused of murdering Bonnette's 19-year-old son, Conrad.

Greyling told the court his client may have used his three co-accused as instruments to hurt his estranged wife Bonnette.

But he argued Kotze was dissociated at the time of the attack.

He also tried to punch holes in the state's case calling its only witness Bonnette a liar.

However, the state maintains Bonnette's evidence is reliable and argued back that Kotze wanted Bonnette to die of an HIV related illness.

Prosecutors believe Kotze carefully planned her gang-rape, while three other men were willing participants.

One of his co-accused contracted HIV, but he told the court he only became aware of his status after the attack and also denied physically raping her.

Kotze has admitted to torturing and mutilating Bonnette, but has denied murdering her son or orchestrating her gang-rape.


Last week, a clinical psychologist testified that he did not believe Kotze was in a bad psychological state when he attacked Bonnette and her son.

After evaluating Kotze for two months, psychologist Cobus Coetzee told the court that the accused did not suffer from any mental disorders.

He was also capable of appreciating the wrongfulness of his actions.

This differed from the assessment from another psychologist for the defence who said Kotze suffered from narcissistic personality disorder, major depression and acute stress.