Bonnette’s testimony ‘cannot be trusted’

Johan Kotze’s lawyer accused Ina Bonnette of making false claims against her alleged attacker.

The 'Modimolle Monster' Johan Kotze, on trial for torturing and mutilating Ina Bonnette, orchestrating her gang-rape, and murdering her son. Picture: EWN

PRETORIA - Johan Kotze's lawyer on Thursday told the North Gauteng High Court that his client's estranged wife is a liar.

Lawyer Piet Greyling also said Ina Bonnette's testimony cannot be trusted.

The so-called 'Modimolle Monster' is accused of torturing and mutilating Bonnette and orchestrating her gang-rape.

Kotze also stands accused of murdering Bonnette's 19-year-old son, Conrad, in January 2012.

Greyling cited conflicting evidence Kotze and Bonnette's testimony on the night of the attack.

But the state maintains Bonnette's evidence is reliable.

Prosecutors believe Kotze carefully planned her gang-rape, while three other men were willing participants.

The magistrate warned Greyling not to use media reports as evidence.


Earlier this year, Kotze admitted to torturing and mutilating Bonnette, but denied murdering her son or orchestrating her gang-rape.

Judge Bert Bam asked Kotze why he fled after the attack if he didn't believe he had done anything wrong.

Kotze said he didn't realise what a mess the situation was and admitted he wasn't thinking of either Bonnette or her murdered son when he fled.

He made several bizarre accusations in court, saying prosecutor Retha Meintjes was trying to intimidate him by the way she looked at him.

Kotze also accused the state of silencing his first witness, Conrad's friend.

He said the boy hadn't told the full truth about what happened on the day in question.


Last week, a clinical psychologist testified that he did not believe Kotze was in a bad psychological state when attacked Bonnette and her son.

After evaluating Kotze for two months, psychologist Cobus Coetzee told the court that the accused did not suffer from any mental disorders.

He was also capable of appreciating the wrongfulness of his actions.

This differed from the assessment from another psychologist for the defence who said Kotze suffered from narcissistic personality disorder, major depression and acute stress.