India unhappy with SA tour schedule

The BCCI is reportedly unhappy with India's scheduled tour of South Africa in November.

The Indian cricket team celebrate after a wicket fall during their Champions Trophy match against the West Indies. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is reportedly unhappy with the itinerary of India's scheduled tour to South Africa, which starts in November.

Cricket South Africa (CSA) is said to have announced the schedule without obtaining the BCCI's consent.

The Indian board is concerned over a number of matters, including the length of the tour and the lengthy break between the second and third test.

CSA's Michael Owen Smith said their issues will be addressed.

"The BCCI can raise their concerns with us and we'll address the matter with them and sort it out. There's a lot of speculation going around which they may be unhappy with, but we'll deal with it and make sure it's sorted out."

He admitted the itinerary could be altered.

"They've been in touch with us and the matter will be sorted out between us. It's an ongoing process. If necessary, amendments will be made."