Selebi 'drowning in debt'

The DA says the former National Police Commissioner is getting preferential treatment.

Former National Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi's lawyer Wynanda Coetzee says he is battling financially, and will not be able to pay back the money he owes.Picture:EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Jackie Selebi won't be able to pay the R17 million he owes in legal and medical costs, his lawyer Wynanda Coetzee said on Wednesday.

This comes almost a year after the convicted fraudster was released from Pretoria Central Prison on medical parole.

The former National Police Commissioner was released just a year after serving less than a year of his 15 year jail term for corruption.

Coetzee says he is battling financially and will not be able to pay back the money he owes.

"There is just not enough money and he is going in arrears every month."

Selebi who suffers from diabetes and end-stage kidney disease is still receiving his daily dialysis.

However, Coetzee says his health is not improving and he cannot take part in any activities.

She says anyone who claims they have seen him out and about in Johannesburg is wrong.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance's (DA) Dianne Kohler Barnard says Selebi is receiving preferential treatment.

"Every third or fourth month I ask what is happening and how far along this issue is, and the answer we get is they are still negotiating. I don't think they would still be negotiating if it was you or me. They would take your house and you would be bankrupt but Selebi gets special treatment."