Seven 'poo dumpers' denied bail

The court believes the seven men might get involved in another poo-throwing incident if granted bail.

Residents protest outside the Bellville Magistrates Court for basic sanitation on 8 July 2013. Picture: Lauren Isaacs/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Seven of the nine men arrested after dumping human waste at Cape Town International Airport will remain in custody.

They will appear again in August in the Bellville Magistrates Court.

The other two have been released on R500 bail each.

Angry Khayelitsha residents are protesting outside the court after the seven men were ordered to remain in custody. Among the seven is controversial former ANC councillor Andile Lili.

Protest action against poor sanitation services in some informal settlements has made headlines across the Cape over the last few months.

Several supporters in the public gallery cried and sat with their heads in their hands when Lili and his co-accused were escorted back to their cells.

They said the seven men were only fighting for their right to clean and dignified living conditions and do not deserve to be behind bars.

They were charged under the Civil Aviation Act and if convicted, they could face up to 30-years behind bars.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance (DA) believes the so-called toilet wars are politically motivated.

They have accused the ANC of orchestrating the protests in order to win the province in the next general elections.

However, the ruling party has denied this. It says it is taking disciplinary action against two of its members who allegedly dumped human waste at Cape Town International Airport.