Mandla ruling 'a travesty'

Mandla is concerned that the order was based on untrue claims about his grandfather's health.

Chief Mandla Mandela, Madiba's eldest grandson, has called his loss in court 'a travesty of justice'. Picture: Renee de Villiers/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Mandla Mandela says the Mthatha High Court's ruling against him is a travesty of justice, especially if it emerges that members of the Mandela family lied about his grandfather's condition.

A court document filed by Nelson Mandela's eldest surviving daughter Makaziwe said his health was perilous, claiming he was in a 'vegetative state' and was being assisted in breathing by a life support machine.

The document was brought on behalf of 15 family members but was not signed by them.

The claims were denied by The Presidency while some of Mandela's friends and family gave more positive accounts of his health.

Earleir in the week, Mandla was ordered to return the remains of three of Madiba's children from Mvezo to Qunu, where they were reburied on Thursday.

He had exhumed the remains in 2011 without consulting the rest of the family.

Mandla's spokesperson Freddy Pilusa said they wanted to find out if the court order was based on incorrect information about Madiba's condition.

"If it true that Makiziwe's legal team got an order using this information that seems to be incorrect, it would be a travesty of justice."


Meanwhile, as the former president began his fourth weekend in hospital, pressure grew on the Mandela family to reconcile and resolve what has become a very public spat.

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu called on them to think about more than just themselves.

The Presidency called the feud regrettable and urged the family to resolve their problems in an amicable way.