Chester Missing on Mandla Mandela

The puppet political analyst gives Mandla Mandela some advice.

Chester Missing the puppet political analyst. Picture: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG - Mandla Mandela has been facing a tough time recently but he received some advice from an unlikely source - a puppet political analyst.

Chester Missing has been speaking about some of the basic rules of life, some of which he believes could benefit Mandla.

The Mandela family feud has dominated headlines this week, with remains being dug up and claims of extramarital affairs shocking the nation.

Members of the family took Mandela's eldest grandson Mandla to court after he illegally exhumed the remains from Qunu in 2011.

He relocated them to Mvezo without consulting the family.

The spat has exposed a deep rift in the Mandela clan.

At a press briefing on Thursday afternoon, Mandla lashed out at several members of the family, including his brothers Ndaba and Mbuso.

Speaking to Talk Radio 702/567 CapeTalk's Redi Tlhabi on Friday morning, Missing said the basic rules of life are paying your taxes, brushing your teeth and "not digging up your dead relatives".

"If this is what the Mandelas are doing in a time of crisis, what will the Zumas do?"

The popular puppet said the one thing he has learnt from Mandla is he must stop calling random people chief.

He said there was a lot of greed surrounding the Mandela feud.

"These are the same Mandelas who have a TV show and are worried about the media following them around with cameras," Missing noted wryly.

"This is what happens when you see your grandfather on a R100 note."

When Tlhabi asked his thoughts on this, he said "this is rock 'n' roll and in politics that's kind of standard."