Mandla launches scathing attack on family

Mandla has accused his aunt Makaziwe of sowing destruction in the family.

Mandla Mandela arrives for a press conference into the family feud on 4 July 2013. Picture: Regan Thaw/EWN

MVEZO - Mandla Mandela says he has been the subject of attacks from individuals wanting a few minutes of fame and media attention at his expense.

Mandla was speaking during a press briefing in Mvezo in the Eastern Cape on Thursday.

He lashed out at several members of the family and questioned the Madiba family's sense of urgency in the matter.

"I want to emphasise I don't want to hang our dirty linen out in public."

He explained in great detail how his grandfather had asked him to lead the family clan.

Mandla added Madiba would be disappointed by the events over the past few days.

Mandla accused his aunt Makaziwe of sowing destruction in the family.

He says she has no business in Mandela family matters and described himself as their soft target saying the family have turned against him.

Mandla also lashed out at his half-brother Ndaba.

"He knows my father impregnated a married woman of which he is a result."

He warned Ndaba saying he should be very careful when he wants to throw insults.

Mandla then went on to reiterate his disappointment with Wednesday's court order which has allowed the rest of his family to exhume the remains of three of Mandela's children and rebury them in Qunu.

He says he has the right to determine where his father is buried.

This follows a bitter court battle between him and 16 other members of the family.

Relatives took Mandla to court after he illegally exhumed the remains from Qunu in 2011 and relocated them to Mvezo.

He did so without consulting the family.

A final order was granted against him on Wednesday in the Mthatha High Court.

He says the order is erroneous.

Mandla added he wasn't aware of the criminal charges laid against him by his aunt.

Meanwhile, Mandela's wife Graca Machel has once again thanked South Africa and the world for their prayers and the good wishes.

Machel was attending the launch of a new sports initiative at the Nelson Mandela Centre for Memory.

She says while Madiba may at times be uncomfortable and feel pain, he is fine.

Machel said her husband's gift remains to unite people.