Urgent talks underway in Egypt

Egypt’s future remains unclear as President Mohamed Morsi clings to power.

Hundreds of Egyptian protesters wave national flags and shout slogans against President Muhammad Morsi outside the presidential palace on 30 June 2013. Picture: AFP

CAIRO - Top Egyptian military commanders have begun urgent talks after President Mohamed Morsi on Wednesday rejected a deadline to reach consensus with opponents.

The army's ultimatum to Morsi will run out over the next few hours.

The military threatened to move in if a resolution is not reached.

Egyptians are holding their breath as today is a momentous and dangerous day for their country.

Protesters in Tahrir Square told Eyewitness News they trust the army and believe it does not want to run the country.

There is a huge amount of uncertainty and many people fear there will be more violence.

Morsi came into power in 2012 after Hosni Mubarak stepped down following mass protests against his rule.

A year later, Egyptians want the freely elected leader to step down as they believe he has failed to address unemployment.

Several of his ministers have already quit.