CPT power tariffs jump by 8 percent

While electricity tariffs increase by 8 percent the petrol price takes a leap later this week.

While electricity tariffs increases by 8 percent the petrol price takes a leap later this week.

CAPE TOWN - Electricity tariffs for residents who purchase power through the City of Cape Town will increase by eight percent on Monday.

This is a double whammy for consumers as fuel prices also go up this week.

The petrol price is set to increase by 84 cents a litre from Wednesday, while the price of diesel will increase by 78 cents a litre.

The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) is deeply opposed to the electricity price increase as it will hit the poor the hardest.

The union's General Secretary Irvin Jim said, "An eight percent increase means you're basically squeezing those communities and those families who support three to four other families who don't have a plate of food on their tables."

Jim said it was issues such as this that spark protests in Cape Town communities.

"This is going to trigger old questions like service delivery protests because people are peeved and the economy currently is not in good shape at all to be able to afford this eight percent."

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