REPORT: Mandela family meets in Qunu

It’s understood Mandela’s daughter called a meeting of close relatives to discuss sensitive family matters.

Nelson Mandela's retirement home in Qunu. Picture: Giovanna Gerbi/EWN

QUNU - Several cars including a black SUV arrived at Madiba's home in Qunu.

It's understood Mandela's daughter called a meeting of close relatives to discuss sensitive family matters as the former president remains in a critical condition in hospital.

A Mandela relative has confirmed that she'll be attending a meeting on Tuesday while another source said the meeting was called by elders of the family.

It's unclear how many people are attending as journalists have only been able to monitor the movements from a distance.

The police officers who guard the home have been known to chase away reporters and photographers who hang around the property.

Meanwhile Deputy President Kgalema Mothlanthe has asked the nation to keep Madiba in their thoughts.

"We have to keep him in our prayers and leave the rest to the Almighty."


There's been no official word on Madiba since Sunday after the Presidency announced his condition had turned from serious to critical.

Madiba continues to be treated at the Mediclinic Heart Hospital in Pretoria for a recurring lung infection after being admitted on 8 June.

Meanwhile, the news of his critical condition has been met with grave concern in Qunu.

Madiba grew up in the Eastern Cape village and had described it as the happiest years of his childhood.

An elderly man with a stick in hand stood across the road from Mandela's retirement home.

There was little activity outside the well-secured house.

"When he leaves Qunu, I get worried."

Another local says she has been praying for the former statesman.

"We love him very much and don't want him to die."

Traditional and church leaders in the region held a mass prayer for the ailing statesman over the weekend at the sacred tribal land known as Bumbane Great Place.


Some of Hollywood's top stars are also thinking of the global icon at this time too.

From Queen Latifah tweeting to other A-Listers giving interviews on the red carpet, all are wishing peace for Madiba.

Musician Pharrell Williams who spoke to Eyewitness News about producing the soundtrack for the upcoming _Despicable Me 2 _film is one of the concerned stars.

"I keep him in my prayers as well."

Williams was in South Africa earlier this year.