ASA reinstates 2012 board

Association members have agreed to reinstate its 2012 in a bid to resolve inside issues.

Association members have agreed to reinstate its 2012 in a bid to resolve inside issues.

JOHANNESBURG - Athletics South Africa (ASA) has reinstated its board that was elected in 2012.

At a special general meeting held on Saturday, 13 provincial and associate members agreed on the decision.

This comes after months of infighting and maladministration, which forced the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) to step in, suspend its entire board and place it under administration, which is currently being overseen by Advocate Zola Majavu.

After months of infighting, claims of bankruptcy and the suspension of its entire board ASA took a hug stride forward in solving its issues.

The board has agreed to resolve their problems internally, free from outside interference, raising questions around what will become of Majavu, appointed by SASCOC.

The board wants to appoint a commission to urgently advise the ASA constitution, to bring it in line with the company's act and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) constitution.

Members have also called on the board to resume control of the sport and work toward repairing damage done in the boardroom and on the track to restore public faith in the association.

Meanwhile, ASA President James Evans has told Eyewitness News failure to pay all its required creditors could see the majority of his members miss their special general meeting.

ASA has called for the meeting, without the approval of SASCOC, to discuss the way forward for athletics in the country, despite being at loggerheads with the Olympic body.

Evans said a lot of ASA's member's might not be able to attend because Majavu has not paid all of his required bills.

"Majavu, who has claimed to have paid all the creditors, hasn't paid our travel agent, which means we haven't been able to make any bookings for people."