S.African troops on their way to DRC

Ebrahim Ebrahim gave an official confirmation that SA started fulfilling its commitment to the 3,500 brigade.

Deputy Minister of International Relations Ebrahim Ebrahim. Picture: GCIS.

PRETORIA - South Africa has started deploying troops to the special intervention brigade in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Deputy Minister of International Relations Ebrahim Ebrahim has given the first official confirmation that South Africa is starting to fulfil its commitment to this 3,500 brigade.

The special intervention brigade has an unprecedented mandate from the United Nations to engage with rebels in the troubled eastern region of the DRC.

Ebrahim says South African troops are on their way to the DRC.

Tanzania, Malawi and South Africa have committed troops to the intervention brigade. The Tanzanians are already on the ground.

It's been agreed by the UN that the brigade will have a special mandate which will enable it to deal with rebel groups in the Eastern DRC.