Metrorail urges motorists to be cautious

The railway carrier warns motorists about level-crossing following a train accident in Eerste River.

A family of four narrowly escaped death when a train hit their car at the Eerste River level crossing on 20 June 2013. Picture: Morne Esben/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Metrorail in the Western Cape on Friday warned motorists never to take chances when going over level-crossings.

Four people were injured when a train smashed into their car at a level-crossing near the Eerste River train station on Thursday.

According to eyewitnesses the driver apparently tried to jump the crossing but panicked and stalled the vehicle on the track. The driver and his family then narrowly escaped before the train crashed into their car.

Metrorail's Mthuthuzeli Swartz said, "Lives could have been lost through this useless and senseless disregard of law by motorists. We're calling upon all motorists and the public at large to always be observant when they approach railway crossings."

He said motorists must obey the traffic signals.

"It is not possible for people to beat the speed of the train and it is not easy for a train to stop. It takes up to 500 metres for a train to come to a standstill and this is exactly what happened in this instance."