Khoisan home invaders ordered to leave

The group of Khoisan activists who invaded District Six flats have been ordered to vacate the premises.

A group invaded the District Six housing project. Picture: Graeme Raubenheimer/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The group of people who invaded a block of flats in District Six on Saturday claiming to be Khoisan clan descendants have until 10am this morning to vacate the homes.

About 60 people moved into the empty flats at the weekend claiming the land belongs to their ancestors and therefore it is rightfully theirs.

The Rural Development and Land Reform Department was there earlier week after it won an interim court order to evict them.

The order was made final in the Western Cape High Court late last night.

Lawyers representing both government and the Khoisan activists spent several hours in consultation before they eventually got to argue their case.

It was only at 9PM that the judge, Robert Henney, delivered his verdict saying the initial order must be upheld and the activists must leave the homes.

He stressed that allowing the group to stay would set a bad example that South Africans can claim any land they want.

However, Henny made one exception by allowing a couple to stay in one of the units because there was evidence they had two young children with them.