Khoisan activists won't budge

While some have vacated the District Six flats some Khoisan activists have refused to be evicted.

District Six flat invaders refuse to budge on 21 June 2013. Picture: Graeme Raubenheimer/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Despite a second high court order to have the group of Khoisan activists evicted from the District Six homes they invaded last week some of them have still refused to leave by the scheduled time of 10am today.

Late on Thursday night the Western Cape High Court upheld an interim court order granted to government saying the activists must be evicted.

But the court allowed one family to stay as there was evidence they had two young children with them.

It now appears the activists who have refused to leave are now staying in only one of the units.

Some of the other flats that were invaded are now empty.

Some other District Six claimants arrived to argue their concerns.

One man says the Khoisan group has no right to be there because his mother has been waiting for years to go back to the historical land.

But Khoisan descendant, Beula Smith says it is their aboriginal right to be there and that both government and the justice system have failed them.

It is not clear whether the remaining Khoisan activists will be forcefully evicted today.