Bob Hewitt is served

Former tennis player Bob Hewitt will appear in court in connection with allegations of sexual abuse.

Picture: Stock.XCHNG

JOHANNESBURG - Tennis legend Bob Hewitt has been served a summons to appear in court following accusations from numerous women that he sexually abused them as children.

Late in 2012, Hewitt lashed out against the claims the he had molested children when he coached them during the 1970s.

Hewitt was served with the summons on Saturday after months of speculation of whether he would be charged.

He is set to appear at the Boksburg Magistrates Court on several charges that have still not been confirmed by the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA).

Last year, Hewitt told Eyewitness News that after researching one of the alleged victims he found her story was flawed.

He said he would hire investigators to confirm the stories of the other victims to try to discount them.