Voters are intimidated - Ramphele

Mamphela Ramphele says she's heard of people being forced to reveal their votes.

Mamphela Ramphele is still not giving anything away about a new political party. Picture: Lesego Ngobeni/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Agang leader Mamphela Ramphele says her travels around South Africa have revealed what she calls "sinister intimidation of voters".

Speaking to the Cape Town Press Club Ramphele on Tuesday voiced her concern about the independence of elections in South Africa.

Agang is due to launch as a fully-fledged political party on Saturday.

Ramphele says she is discussing the electoral process with other political parties to double-check methods and decide whether to take any action.

She says voters must be educated about their rights and not bullied into making the wrong decisions.

Ramphele adds she's heard stories of voters being forced to take photographs of their ballots to prove which party they supported and others receiving threats that their RDP homes would be taken away.

She's also spoken out about corruption, saying South Africans were furious and often felt powerless.

Speaking earlier this week, Ramphele said Agang was ready for the launch having built a solid foundation.