Khoisan activists firm in District Six

The Khoisan group is illegally occupying flats in District Six.

A group invaded the District Six housing project. Picture: Graeme Raubenheimer/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A group of land invaders has emphasised they won't vacate flats they occupied in the District Six area.

The United Democratic Front has come out in support of the illegal occupation of several flats in the historical area.

About 60 people claiming to be descendants of a Khoisan clan, have moved into unoccupied flats. They insist the land belongs to them.

But the Rural Development and Land Reform Department has obtained an interim high court order to evict them.

On Tuesday night, the protestors started hanging curtains over the windows, while others sat on their balconies talking to each other.

Two flags have been erected on the fence encircling the flats, one emblazoned with Khoisan insignia and the other flag that of Germany. The German flag's colours are the same as those of the United Democratic Front, whose leaders have come out in support of the Khoisan people.

A sign on the white block of flats reads "District Six's Restitution failure."

The group of home invaders have settled in at 19 of the flats and maintain they are not going anywhere.

The UDF's Mario Wanza says many of the units have been vacant for almost two years, while many of the activists have been waiting over a decade for homes.

According to the interim order, the group was meant to be evicted on Tuesday.

The matter will be heard in the Western Cape High Court again tomorrow.

Former District Six residents were forcibly removed by the apartheid government between 1969 and 1980.