'Racist' email sparks DA, ANC spat

The Eastern Cape DA’s leader Athol Trollip says the ANC is trying to appear pious.

DA councillor Stanford Slabbert is alleged to have distributed a racist email which mocks President Jacob Zuma. Picture: sxc.hu

JOHANNESBURG - A war words has broken out between the African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA) over a racist email sent by a DA councillor in the Eastern Cape.

The opposition party has suspended its member, Stanford Slabbert, and says it's the ANC which refuses to take action against its officials who act improperly.

Slabbert is alleged to have circulated a racist email in which Preasident Jacob Zuma is mocked.

The DA's Eastern Cape leader Athol Trollip says the councillor now faces a disciplinary inquiry.

Trollip says the ANC is trying to appear pious.

"We hold people to account so they can suffer the consequences of their actions and I'm very proud that we do that. In the ANC we've seen nothing of the sort."

However, the ANC's Keith Khoza says the DA is comfortable with racism.

"Over the weekend none of the DA's spokespeople condemned this racism. It took an ANC member to expose this racism and they (the DA) can't pretend they didn't know about it. They were comfortable with it."

However, Trollip says the fact that the councillor's been suspended proves the party acts against those who step out of line.

"We will hold him to account. We're a party of due process and he'll be able to answer the charges and there will be a finding at the conclusion of that period."