CT home invaders won't budge

A sheriff of the court is expected to evict a group which has occupied the District Six housing project.

A group of people forced its way onto the District Six housing project and took ownership of seven units. Picture: Graeme Raubenheimer/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The Rural Development and Land Reform Department says a group of people who have invaded flats in the District Six area must evacuate them on Tuesday.

The department has won an interim court interdict against the group claiming to be descendants of a Khoisan clan.

The group says it is the rightful owners the land and is not budging from the block of flats, despite a court order saying they should have been out by 10am.

The Rural Development and Land Reform Department says the sheriff of the high court is set to arrive at the scene soon and evict the group.

Four City of Cape Town law enforcement vehicles are parked at the top of the road.

A few of the home invaders are casually standing behind the security fence encircling the flats.

A sign in one of the windows reads "cultural genocide of the Khoisan."

The housing project is part of government's land redistribution programme.

The project will feature mixed housing, commercial and office space.

Meanwhile, the Aboriginal Council of Churches for First People Groups has come out in support of the invaders.

The Aboriginal Council of Churches' Gail Lawrence says the group will not budge from the area.

"The land that we are standing on belongs to aboriginal people. It belongs to the first people of this country who came in as slaves."