M23 rebels trying to 'buy time'

The DRC’s Lambert Mende says the M23 rebel group is trying to buy time around peace talks.

M23 rebel soldiers keep guard during the inauguration of newly elected M23 Rebel political wing President, Bertrand Bisimwa in Bunagana on March 7, 2013. Picture: AFP/ISAAC KASAMANI

DRC - The M23 rebel group is accusing the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)'s government of refusing to negotiate.

M23 president Bertrand Bisimwa has written to the United Nation (UN)'s special envoy for the Great Lakes region alleging that the Congolese army and its allies are preparing an imminent attack.

M23 rebels claim DRC government delegates arrived in Ugandan capital Kampala, where peace talks were resumed last week and told the mediator they will no longer negotiate with the rebels.

Congolese government spokesman Lambert Mende however countered saying the mediator has asked both sides to submit proposals.

He said M23 rebels are trying to buy time.

Bisimwa said government's rounding up suspected supporters of the M23 rebel group, especially people with links to Rwanda, which is accused of financing and directing the rebels, according to multiple reports by a panel of UN experts.