Motlanthe urges all to work together

The meeting was aimed at addressing pressing issues in the mining industry.

FILE: Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe.

JOHANNESBURG - Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe on Friday called on all parties at a mining forum in Pretoria to present their problems with the way the industry is run so that solutions can be developed.

Motlanthe convened the meeting with several ministers, mine bosses and unions to tackle the troubled mining sector.

He said the meeting was aimed at addressing urgent issues which require the immediate attention of all stakeholders.

Motlanthe urged all stakeholders to put their cards on the table and work together in dealing with pressing matters.

"I hope we are all here in one spirit to find solutions to the problems."

He said it's crucial for stability to be returned to the troubled mining sector so that future investors and generations don't have to deal with the same situation.

"We don't want anyone to adopt these problems because they're too heavy so we have to solve them."

Simmering tensions between rival unions Amcu and NUM was expected to top the agenda as well as the recent work stoppages on the platinum belt.

Meanwhile, the Chamber of Mines said instability in the platinum sector must be prioritised during talks between government, unions and mining giants.

The meeting was attended by South Africa's biggest mining houses as well as the ministers of mineral resources, finance, police and state security.

The Chamber of Mines Mike Teke said, "Those discussions will take place today, we are all concerned. Action is part of stability."