Bogus Boys: We're fighting a noble cause

The Bogus Boys says The Star newspaper is being bought by an ANC-led consortium.

The Bogus Boys says the Star newspaper is being bought over by an ANC-led consortium. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - A man who claims he represents the Bogus Boys, who've been putting up fake _The Star _newspaper posters around Johannesburg, says they're doing it to protect freedom of expression.

Several posters appeared in various parts of the city with fake The _Star _headlines.

The man, who met with Eyewitness News on condition of anonymity, which included his voice being distorted, said they're doing this for noble reasons.

"We believe that freedom of expression in this country is under threat. There's the 'secrecy bill,' there's the takeover of The Star by what seems to be an ANC consortium."

However, The Star's editor Makhudu Sefara said if the group knows information about the consortium they should make it public.

"Instead of fighting this thing properly, they go and print posters that cause confusion."

The Bogus Boys said this was the first step in a long campaign.

On Wednesday, the IOL website was hacked by another group calling itself Africa Anonymous.

Sefara said his team were investigating those responsible for the hacking.

The group said it believed the paper was supporting Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

Sefara said they believed the internet attack may have started in another country.

"Initial information suggests that this person might have been in Egypt. However, it may not be accurate as it could be a way to deceive the system."

Zimbabwe is expected to hold its general elections in July.

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