More waste slingers arrested

Former ANC councillor Andile Lili was with a group on their way to dump human waste.

Controversial former ANC councillor Andile Lili. Picture: Catherine Rice/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Controversial former councillor and ANC Youth League member Andile Lili has confirmed that he is one of a group of people who were arrested while on their way to dump faeces at the City Council.

The group was stopped at Esplanade train station in Woodstock earlier today and are currently being held at the Cape Town police station.

Lili told Eyewitness News they will continue to dump faeces on Western Cape Premier Helen Zille's doorstep until a proper sanitation service is provided to the poor.

"We are emptying our toilets there because our toilets have smelled for three months."

Human waste was flung at Zille's convoy in Khayelitsha on Tuesday last week while some ANCYL members emptied porta-loos on the steps of the Provincial Legislature the day before.

The uproar is in protest at the recent rollout of the City of Cape Town's new portable flush toilet project in Khayelitsha.

Helen Zille's office has welcomed the arrests.

Her spokesperson Zak Mbhele said, "Our office is pleased to hear that the South African Police Service acted in a coordinated and swift manner to prevent what happened last week from taking place again and we're just hoping they will carry out their investigation in full."

Meanwhile Lili says this is not the end.

"This is a violation of a human's right to dignity. We have a right to dignity and we have a right to privacy. All those rights were violated by Helen Zille."