Delft teen assaulted and stabbed to death

Community members believe the 15-year-old's death was gang-related.

Community members believe the 15-year-old's death was gang-related. Picture:

CAPE TOWN - The Delft Community Policing Forum (CPF) said on Monday it met with concerned parents after a teenage boy was beaten and stabbed to death in what is suspected to be a gang-related incident.

The 15-year-old was walking to a friend's house when he was attacked by alleged gang members on Friday night.

Two arrests have been made.

The Delft CPF's Reginald Maart said the motive behind the killing remains unclear at this stage.

"I had a meeting with community members in section 17 and 18 who said it was gang-related. This is why I need to intervene, go into that area and meet with the parents in that area so that we can tackle that challenge."

He continued, "Within the next week I'll have a meeting in that area just to find out from community members in those two sectors what the major challenges and problems are that they have with the youngsters."


At least 20 people, including two school pupils, have been killed in suspected gang-related shootings in Cape Town over the last month.

The apparent surge in gang violence is believed to be related to ongoing turf wars and control of the local drug trade.

Local crime expert Eldred de Klerk said there may be many more revenge attacks.

Last month a 16-year-old was gunned down in Rocklands, Mitchells Plain. The two gunmen fled the scene.

A day later Western Cape police arrested a man for allegedly stabbing two people at a funeral in Mitchells Plain. One of the victims died at the scene, while the other was taken to hospital. Police said they couldn't confirm whether the attack was gang-related.


Glenrico Martin was shot and killed outside his Athlone high school early last month.

Martin, who was believed to have been a member of the Hard Livings gang, was shot in the head after being confronted by three young men at the Spes Bona High School.

While two people have already been arrested for his murder, the third suspect is still on the run.

The shooting is also believed to be gang-related.

It's believed the gunmen posed as Spes Bona pupils before approaching Martin.

The 19-year-old victim was honoured at a memorial service before being laid to rest in Maitland at the end of May.