World waits for word on Madiba

Nelson Mandela has been admitted to a Pretoria hospital for a recurring lung infection.

Nelson Mandela has been admitted to a Pretoria hospital for a recurring lung infection. Picture: Supplied

JOHANNESBURG - Nelson Mandela's health continues to make headlines this morning with South African's and the world waiting for any word on progress in his health.

The former president was taken to a Pretoria hospital in the early hours of Saturday morning after suffering a recurrence of a lung infection.

The presidency said in a statement on Saturday the 94-year-old former statesman has been ill for the past few days and his condition deteriorated in the early hours of Saturday morning.

This is his fourth stay in hospital since December.

Presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj said at this stage there is no update on Madiba's health.

He did however commit to informing the public on the latest developments if and when the presidency receives word from doctors.

In his last update on Saturday Maharaj said Madiba was in a serious but stable condition adding doctors said the Nobel Peace Prize laureate was breathing on his own, which he saw as a good sign.

Maharaj said Madiba has suffered from lung infections since his time in prison but as he gets older it takes longer for him to recover.

While relatives have been seen entering the Pretoria hospital where he's believed to be receiving treatment it's understood Mandela's wife Gra├ža Machel cancelled a London trip to be at his side.

Meanwhile, outside Madiba's Houghton home South Africans and tourists have been stopping since news of his hospitalisation broke.

A car with a military number plate was parked outside the driveway of Madiba's home while some television cameras had already been set up, hoping to catch a glimpse of any member of his family.

Some South Africans arrived to deliver flowers while other tour groups could be seen regularly driving through the area.

A young boy and his father showed their support for the global icon by dropping off flowers for his hero.

Painted rocks with well-wishing messages are scattered on the front lawn from Madiba's previous hospitalisation in March.

There hasn't been an increase in security since the 94-year-old's condition deteriorated but police are actively patrolling the area.

The former president had been receiving home-based high care at his Houghton home.